September 24, 2003


I just got forwarded an e-mail from a friend at a former place of employment. The e-mail contained a letter written by a worker there who was canned today for alleged unethical behavior.

I'm always fascinated by the way people react to such an extreme event in their lives. Most just take it and walk, glad to have the shitty situation behind them.

This person, who shall remain nameless, basically took out a Zippo flicked it to a flame and then burned down her professional Bridge on the River Quai.

The note - with critical identifying information and names substituted, but misspellings and mind-wrenching syntax intact - reads:

When things like this happen, it is usually for the better.

I can not tell you how all of this has destroyed my life.

I have never worked for a conglomatant before and I do not understand the consequences when I have worked so hard. There was not a problem with my work.

I hope that I do not hear about this around town. I am devastated.

[Hated Colleague] told me last week how happy [Hated Colleague] was with my work.

Everything that I did was to help the company. I have never even thought about hurting [The Company]. I was probably the most committed employee you have ever had. It is your loss.

Throughout the almost four years that I was in [The Department], the [Work Product] came directly to me. Rules have been changing daily since [Hated Colleague] has been there. It is almost impossible to remember it all. Before [Hated Colleague] came to the [The Workplace] I never had any trouble. It has all happened since [Hated Colleague] has been there. I am very happy that [Hated Colleague] got the job that we both applyed for, as I could not be the head hunter that [Hated Colleague] is.

I do have emails that [Hated Colleague] sent me about [Secondary Hated Colleague], when [Secondary Hated Colleague] was moved to [Another Company Location]. [Hated Colleague] asked me to delete them, but I printed them out before I deleted them.

[Hated Colleague] is not the sweet, loving, dimpled person that you all think that [Hated Colleague] is.

Since I do not work there anymore I can tell you a few things about [The Department].

Everyone is joustling for their job. Ever yday you hear, who said that, I am in charge.

I never really knew who to answer to. If I talked to [Senior Manager], [Mid-Level Manager] asked why I was talking to him and what was it about.

When [Mid-Level Manager] gave me a brief to write, [Hated Colleague] said it should go before [Hated Colleague] first.

There are way too many bosses involed that one does not know who to answer to.

I hate what has happened to [Senior Manager], [Senior Manager] is your best asset, and the community loves [Senior Manager].

[Mid-Level Manager] doesn't have a clue and everyone makes fun of [Mid-Level Manager].

You have some good [Low-Level Employees], every [Low-Level Employee] needs help, and [Recently Demoted Senior Manager] will be good at helping them.

I can not believe that the company has done so much to employees that are so committed to [The Company].

I absolutely believe that I was set up.

There are many problems at the [The Company] and they begin with [Hated Colleague]. [Hated Colleague] has been fired from almost every job [Hated Colleague] has had in [Town of Company's Location]. Ask [Previous Employer], [Previous Employer], [Previous Employer] and others. All you have to do is say [Hated Colleague]'s name and they cringe.

I enjoyed my time there and have never had a better employer.

Thanks for listening,

[Recently Fired Employee]

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