September 24, 2003


The Asses of Fire Tour has achieved another milestone: notoriety.

Rommie got a call from a friend telling him that Walter's Press Box Sports Emporium had put his name up in lights.

I drove down to Dale Mabry and Platt and found this:

Can't see? Here it is up close:

For those of you who aren't in the news business, this kind of attention is like a narcotic. We're used to phone slams, insults about our parentage, questions about our moral and ethical judgment.

This.... this is the kind of thing that drives people to enroll in journalism school.

That it was the result of his review of their chicken wings in Friday Extra. Well, that's a dream only a fool can expect to come true.

A caveat: they only put this message up for the northbound traffic. The other side of the message board had something about a heavyweight bout or 2-for-1 drinks or somesuch nonsense.

But northbound on Dale Mabry is better than nothing at all.

Congrats, Rommie.

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