July 18, 2003


Well, because he has a Super Bowl ring. That sort of unlikely accomplishment tends to fill you with overwhelming joy.

Second reason: Because training camp opens today for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex. And Warren Sapp loves training camp.

Last year, my son and I went one day in the middle of the week and watched Warren & Co. pan fry in the July heat as coach Jon Gruden barked commands. Sapp was almost giddy at the energy his new coach brought to the practice field.

As Brian and I were pulling out of the parking lot to head home, we saw this James Bond-like golf cart motoring up alongside us at 40 miles an hour.

Inside are defensive lineman Booger McFarland and Warren Sapp, fresh from showering after practice.

Sapp and McFarland are giggling and yelling into a cellphone as Sapp guides the cart toward the team's hotel. We pull up next to them at the light and roll the window down. Brian sticks his head out to say, "Hi" and Sapp - who is noted for his prickly nature - yells, "Hey, little man!"

Totally made Brian's year.

Then we bumped into quarterback Brad Johnson, who gave Brian another, "Hey, little man!" and signed his jersey. Brad's only Brian's favorite player in the universe. I had to tie a string on his toe and walk him around like a balloon the rest of the day.

So we're going back for more this weekend. Got us a room here, which also gets us exclusive access here.

I'll post photos from the weekend on Tuesday. That is, if we're not too busy having fun here.

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