July 17, 2003


Part of my job requires me to respond to letters like this one:

I wish to lodge a complaint against the comic known as The Dinette Set by Julie Larson that appeared in the Sunday edition. It was a major misrepresentation of Mt. Rushmore. It showed a picture of it far off in the distance with areas closed.

I was there in person just last month and know for a fact that the picture is grossly inaccurate. First of all you can take a trail right to the base of the loose rocks, the souvenir shop was huge and full of merchandise and people, the "snack bar" was so large that during a rainstorm all visitors fit comfortably in the dining area for cafeteria food, there is a stage with a huge seating area, and there was an information center in which worked very informative people with free maps of the surrounding area and knowledge of all detours in SD and WY. The only thing that was out of order was one of the elevators that went to the stage.

If you stayed until closing you saw a video on the mountain and of the Presidents that are being honored. A park ranger gave a very informative talk on the mountain and the surrounding area. At the end of the "show" they turned on lights that lit up the mountain. I was glad we went and stayed for the closing.

I think Julie Larson owes the people who have been there an apology and she should retract her comic for that day as those who may have been planning a trip there may have rethought their plans due to her inaccurate publication.

The best part about this letter: We don't run that comic.

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