July 17, 2003


Pat at Mr. Doodle's Dog passes along this story:

After a hard day's jousting, what a medieval English knight needed was ... a plate of lasagna.

And he apparently could have it, according to British researchers who claim to have found a British recipe for lasagna dating from the 14th century -- long before Italian chefs came up with the delicious concoction of layers of pasta topped with cheese.

"This is the first recorded recipe for a lasagna-based dish,'' David Crompton, one of the researchers, said Tuesday. "The Italian dish has tomatoes, which were only discovered two centuries later in the New World.''

Two thoughts:

1. No fucking way. What's next, that they invented dental floss, too? Wait, I know how it happened:

"Oh, you know, this lasagne is pretty good. Let's abandon the recipe and eat some bangers and mash instead for the next seven centuries."

2. It's nice to know someone out there is still hard on the case researching goopy pasta dishes.

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