May 27, 2003


I'm going to commit heresy here, especially since I was all for Annika Sorenstam playing at The Colonial golf tournament last week:

Anyone else think that she was a little... um... bulked up?

Her arms were huge. Her shoulders were huge. Her neck was ripped. Whenever her golf slacks would hug her quads, they were bulging out of the damn fabric.

I'd love to know what her exercise regimen was to get her to that point. Or if there were, um, supplements involved. I'm not trying to hint that she couldn't have played as well as she did without chemical enhancements, because we all know thats not how a golf swing works.

But she made Tanya Harding look feminine out there at times.

She's always had a very athletic build to her. Her gait is mannish at times. But the girth of her biceps was quite noticeable at various points last week. There was no definition to the muscle, say the way someone like the wrestler Chyna has. But the girth was there.

And apparently I'm not the only one thinking about it. This rumor goes back a little ways this season, long before she was to play at the Colonial.

I hope it's not the case, since she didn't make the cut. It would only fuel the whisperers who are already clucking about her not making the cut of the men's tournament. If she didn't make it and she had been on the juice, that would lead to more discounting, I'd have to think.

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