May 19, 2003


Gotta give it up, everyone, for Laurie. Takes guts to shave your head. Even more so for a woman to do it.

The only time I've done it was when I was coaching my son's tee ball team. They were all, like, 4. They had very little hand-eye coordination and no bat skills.

So when I told them that if anyone caught a fly ball that season, I'd shave my head, it seemed like a pretty safe bet, especially since four games into the season there had been no fly balls hit by any team. In the whole league.

That was up until the seventh game, when a hitter for a team we were playing stroked it high above the pitcher's mound. My players, who were clumped around the mound like a blood clot, all reacted toward where the ball was heading.

And who caught it in mid-air?

My son, Brian.

Get out the clippers, boys.

Next practice we had, I showed up with a shorter-than-short crew cut.

"Why'd you do that?'' one player asked.

Nothing like sending a clear and unmistakable message.

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