May 15, 2003


I've always been amused at the television perpetrated on the Lifetime cable channel. (The Virginia Slims of television networks, I guess.) Their made-for-TV movies - as if any of that crap could ever find an audience at the box office - are almost as hilarious for their outlandish titles as they are for their tendency to cast either Valerie Bertinelli, Deidre Hall, Jane Seymour or Merideth Baxter in the lede roles. I always thought it was demeaning to call it "television for women" and then make it so damn stupid.

Like tonight's offering at 9 p.m., for example:

ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT?: A wealthy socialite discovers her husband is obsessed with a phone-sex girl and their marriage hits rock bottom. Soon afterward, her husband disappears and she seeks help from a private eye and her husband's phone-sex girl to find him. Starring: Beth Broderick, Parker Stevenson, Jane Seymour, Joel Brooks, Robert Pine, Henry J. Jordan.

The funny thing is that someone has gone to the trouble of creating a Lifetime movie title generator. It's definitely worth a click.

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