April 29, 2003


After a week's absence, I present to you the 12 most disturbing and astounding things I found this week while cruising the Web.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

They include:

1. A fetish I had no idea existed.

2. A worry that my son might do this one day.

3. A genie who needs to go back in the bottle.

4. A headache not even Advil can cure.

5. A fear that I may eventually look like this through no artificial means.

6. A person who spent a great deal of time and LSD designing this interactive site.

7. A device that could inevitably lead to use of a motorized and a Kraftmatic adjustable bed.

8. A magazine cover featuring nude women that holds no appeal to me.

9. A senseless crime that should never have been allowed to occur.

10. An invention that could make me obsolete.

11. A salty pretzel I don't care to bite.

12. A page of optical illusions that just might give you a headache.

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