March 12, 2003


As if we needed evidence, here's further proof that people are complete morons.

USA Today had a story today about figures released by the Transportation Security Administration about the junk it has confiscated during security checks at the airport.

The TSA on Monday released those figures, its most thorough accounting of seizures at the nation's 429 commercial airports.

Turmail said the agency is working with airports to put passenger information on airport radio stations, but some people seem never to learn.

"If you don't know by now that box cutters are inappropriate, no amount of public education is going to make a difference," Turmail said.

Local police arrested 922 people at checkpoints, though how many of those resulted in convictions is not known.

Among the more unusual items collected by screeners: a 15-piece cutlery set, a machete, a trailer hitch, horseshoes, that kitchen sink pipe and circular saw and metal wall hangings depicting the Greek god Apollo.

Okay, the Ginsu set I can understand. Maybe someone was carrying on a wedding present and thought because it was in a box that it would be allowed. Stupid, but understandable.

And someone could possibly think that because there isn't, you know, a wall socket to be found at 30,000 feet that it would be okay to bring a circular saw.

And maybe, yeah, you might think that because a trailer hitch and a horse shoe and a pipe and a tacky tchotchke have a dull edge to them that it might not be a problem.

But a machete? C'mon.

Who was on the flight, Tony Montana?

Here's the truly scary passage:

Since February 2002, TSA screeners confiscated 1.4 million knives, 2.4 million sharp objects, 1,101 guns, 15,666 clubs, more than 125,000 incendiary items and nearly 40,000 box cutters.

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