October 01, 2002


Loved this passage today in a Washington Post story about a documentary
shot during George W. Bush's presidential run:

"George W. Bush's bus had broken down in South Carolina
a few days before the primary. The Texas governor hitched a ride
on the press bus and began bantering with NBC News producer
Alexandra Pelosi, who always had her home video camera ready.

"Pelosi -- with her purple wardrobe, purple glasses
and saucy questions about Bush's mood and diet -- was the black sheep
of a buttoned-down press corps. Bush could relate,
and he had taken to playing along.

"'Let's be serious,' Pelosi said after discussing bologna sandwiches.
'If you were a tree, what tree would you be?'

"'I'm not. I'm a Bush," he replied.

I'm a little quicker than you think, Alexandra,' then gave himself a thumbs-up.

"The words never graced a yard sign or television commercial,
but 'quicker than you think' might well have been the slogan
of Bush's 2000 presidential campaign."

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