January 11, 2004



As I stated last week, 2004 is the Year of the Sombrero. At that time I promised gala festivites.

Let the games begin.

The first event will be the Romancing the Sombrero party on Feb. 15 in Tampa. It's a combination Valentine's/housewarming/Harry Caray Tribute/Sombrero party. To see a copy of the invitation, click here.

There will be themed entertainment, including a Harry Caray-oke contest in which participants will be asked to sing songs in the voice of the legendary broadcaster.

And, since this is taking place the day after Valentine's, we will be offering the option for either a renewal of vows for couples who are already married, or we will actually marry anyone on the spot who chooses to do so in our Little Sombrero Chapel of Love.

More details to come. And of course, the party will be B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Sombrero)

For directions, e-mail me at: jhouck2[at]tampabay[dot]rr[dot]com.

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