March 01, 2004


Freud would have had a field day with me last night.

In my one and only dream last night, I was held captive inside a narcissistic California cult that worshipped false idols and performed extravagant rituals. After months of exausted deliberations about what my fate should be, my captors finally decided that since I posed an escape risk, I should be dipped in metal so that my body could be used as a template for copies of my form to be made. After that, I was to be displayed in front of cult members and worshipped like a golden pagan idol. But just before I was to be presented to billions of cult idolators, a gigantic, sparkling, beautiful angel wearing a magic bracelet snatched me in her grasp and made off with me, taking me to a more deserted part of the cult compound to worship me all by herself.

At this point, the dream ended, but I have a pretty good idea what inspired it:


F-"Lord of the Rings." They should have given all the awards to Charlize instead.

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