March 02, 2004


As I mentioned the other day, my friend, the Rev. Joe Kendall, is touring Spring Training ballparks. The first stop last weekend was the new Brighthouse Networks Field in Clearwater. Yesterday, he visited Legends Field, spring home of the New York Yankees.

He filed this report:

"On a warm morning, Yankees fans strolled around the grounds asking, 'Hey, who is that guy?' I chatted it up with fans and enjoyed some good banter.''


This is Mary Ellen of Pasco County, who was peddling credit cards while pitching superabsorbant beach towels. She said people enjoy this shot because of the "background."


Astute Yankee fans might recall a slick-fielding third baseman by the name of Aurelio Rodriguez, who played for the Detroit Tigers before playing for the Bronx Bombers and wore No. 13. But this newest A-Rod makes a few more dollars a year. Here it is -- the jersey at the spring training store. Buy them while you can.


This fella said only four words: "I will not pose."


He may live in Florida, but his heart is in The Bronx.


It was early for beers on Sunday, so the concession workers joined together for some comraderie.


Many come to pay homage in what they consider to be the spring cathedral of baseball, Yankee Stadium South -- Legends Field. I was impressed by how many just enjoyed hanging out, soaking up some sun, and watching players do long-toss drills. Legends Field's highlight is outside the ballpark. It's the public square of retired numbers, which run from the Babe to Reggie.


Someone - even a Don Zimmer lookalike - has to cut those papers for the rosters that sell for a buck a piece. (TY stands not for Ty Cobb, but for the Tampa Yankees.)


Prepare yourself, kids. It's a Frank Howard sighting!! Big Frank, a former AL homer champ, is now king of the fungoes. Ten years ago he was the fungomaster for the Mets and was the object of Mets fan/freak Tommy T's eye. Now he's hitting grounders and fly balls to Yankees prospects. C'mon, Frank, give up the bat!

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