March 21, 2004


Probably because he just found a new home.

That's right, Warren Sapp, the Mouth of the NFC South, the self-annointed QB Killa, is headed to Oakland to play for Raider Nation.

That he left isn't really a shock. There were not-so-subtle indications from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that Warren was going to wake up one day very soon to find a 20 on the nightstand.

The shock was that he found someone to give him a 7-year, $36.6 million contract that includes $7 million in guaranteed bonuses. That's astonishing, really, when you consider that last year, he had only five sacks and only 37 solo tackles. The man had only two sacks in the last eight games of last season, and 7 of those games he had no sacks at all. Nada.

So, we wish Warren well and we'll look forward to the day that they bring him back to make him a "Buccaneer of Honor" and retire his number and all that. But for now, it looks like all that money and draft picks Al Davis got from Tampa for giving up Jon Gruden have pretty much been compensated.

That said, it seems like a very long time since last summer's sweltering training camp, when Super-Bowl-massaged egos were inflated and life seemed good...

As another celebrated body leaves One Buccaneer Place...'s to you, Warren. Drink up, big guy.

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