May 07, 2004


My Uncle Pete, (yes, the one who was in the paper posing with a potato he grew that was shaped like a moose), sent an e-mail that he has indeed reached his home in Alaska from his winter place in Florida. He and his wife Cecile have a couple lovely cabins on the Kenai Peninsula along Cook Inlet.

For those who have never been to the nation's largest state, you should know that Alaska has a long history of speculation and gold-rush fever. People either run to Alaska to make money or to hide from the world.

My Uncle Pete seems to have found the former:

We are proud and very sofisticated homesteaders here in Alaska. This is one of my friends' RV---That means Motor Home-- He wants me to go in with him and manufacture them for the market in the Lower 48. Probably a better deal than the Stock Market!!!! PLEASE NOTICE THE ART WORK OF OUR STATE FLAG!!!!!!NORTH TO ALASKA!!!!!


Uh, Pete? You might want to save your nickels on this one.

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