May 11, 2004



I get the best e-mail.

Got another last night from Quiet Riot vocalist Kevin Dubrow. Seems he's got a new CD out (The cover of which is featured in the photo above). It's all cover tunes. A tour will follow.

He's also doing his own press. My favorite line, "It’s not a ‘Karaoke Kevin’ album!"

The album has an interesting lineup:

From: Kevin DuBrow
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2004 2:47 AM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: For Immediate Release

Kevin DuBrow is "In For The Kill"

Shrapnel Records will release QUIET RIOT vocalist Kevin DuBrow’s first ever solo album titled "In For The Kill" on May 25. The album is a collection of DuBrow’s favorite songs from the 1970’s. The track listing is as follows:

Burn On the Flame - Sweet
Good Rocking Tonight - Montrose
Black Sheep Of The Family - Quatermass/Rainbow/Chris Farlowe
Speed King - Deep Purple
Stay With Me - The Faces
Red Light Mama, Red Hot - Humble Pie
Gonna Have A Good Time - The Easybeats
Drivin’ Sister - Mott The Hoople
Razzmatazz - Nazareth
20th Century Boy - T- Rex
Rollin' With My Baby - Silverhead

"I know that like myself many people are apprehensive about an album of cover songs, and usually for good reason. But I think that this CD has it’s own unique sound, personality, and still kicks ass. I feel that we stayed true to the original songs while at the same time did our best to make them our own,'' says DuBrow.

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