June 02, 2004


Got a nice note from a guy who saw my Stanley Cup Game 2 photo album. (In 5 days it's had almost 600 hits.)

Anyway, he says:

Hello from Calgary! Great to view your album and see some enthusiasm from our gallant opponents!!! You have beautiful city and it is my pleasure to enjoy your pictures. At the same time, I would like to invite you to view some photo albums from my city, Calgary and the latest "Red Mile, Flames Fever'' Good luck to your team Lightning on Thursday, (June 3, 2004) in Tampa Bay!!!!

Friendly regards, Rafal

If you want to see his photos, click click here. He's got some doosies that he shot along 17 Avenue in Calgary on a 10-block stretch that on game day locals call "The Red Mile." Including this shot:


New band name: Drive-By Tattoo.

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