June 09, 2004


Three days ago, I goofed on CNN for publishing Reagan's obit three year's early.

Well, in the interest of full public disclosure, I should post the story to my paper's screw-up on Tuesday in printing the wrong editorial after the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup.

Here's a photo from the press conference at which our publisher and editor apologized for the error.

Not that we needed a press conference for other people to point it out for us.

You might have heard about it throughout the day. It was reported by the Associated Press, and was on The Smoking Gun Web site. And the AP story was picked up in The South Florida Sun-Sentinel. And MSNBC, The Milwaukee Channel (whatever the hell that is), CBS11 in Dallas, CNews (whatever the hell that is), The Detroit News, The Palm Beach Post, The Gainesville Sun, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, CBS Sportsline, USA Today, Canada's Globe and Mail, (which ran a curious headline, "Tampa paper mourns Bolts' accomplishments"), Lucianne.com, (whatever the hell that is), Local 6 in Miami, ABC Action News in Tampa, (which had another interesting incorrect headline, "Tribune editorial congratulates Bolts for losing Cup series"), FoxSports.com, the San Jose Mercury News, Oregon Live, (which boldly announces itself as "Everything Oregon," as if that was possible), KDKA Pittsburgh, KTRK Houston and KATU Portland.

Oh, also, Keith Olbermann on his MSNBC show "Countdown" named the Trib's editorial page editor Rosemary Goudreau as one of the three people of the day on Tuesday.

Not that anyone over-reacted or anything...

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While tooling around the 285 beltway yesterday afternoon, I heard the afternoon DJs on Atlanta's Mix 94.1 discussing the Trib's mishap.

The story was going well -- the main host was doing a good job of telling it -- but when it was the giggle-chick's* turn to do her thing, she just fell flat on her face.


Nonetheless, go Tampa.

*giggle-chick: the person whose job it is to laugh at everything the main host says, and also to make a cutting, slightly inane or urbane remark at the end of the story that wraps it up so you can go to a break

Posted by: J at June 10, 2004 06:49 AM