June 09, 2004


Pulled into the driveway last night to see this image:


That's right - street hockey in Florida. In 90-degree heat. With thunder clouds on the horizon just waiting to unleash an early summer downpour.

A couple of kids, mine included, were slapping a puck around on the bare asphalt. The puck? Came from a Lightning game when one of the ice guys handed my son one of the castoffs.

I came home to see him running around in his socks (his mother was pleased) chasing the puck. Other kids wore inline skates. Some didn't.

One of those who did scooted around the others and hit an amazing shot that went top-shelf on the goalie for a score.

It was an amazing thing to see for someone who grew up in Florida when there wasn't even a football team in Tampa, much less hockey.

I don't doubt these kids will be throwing the football again soon. "Kill the Carrier" remains a staple during Bucs season. My son routinely comes home with grass stains and abrasions from some sort of too-rough tackle.

But for a while, they'll play hockey in the evenings. And you have to sit back and think that something pure came from all of the hoopla this week.

Posted by Jeff at June 9, 2004 08:33 AM | TrackBack

That is an awesome sight. Thanks for the report.

Posted by: Tommy at June 9, 2004 12:05 PM