July 03, 2004



Getting nervous yet, Red Sox fans?


That's right, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays beat the defending World Champion Florida Marlins last night to creep within 2 1/2 games of the Boston Red Sox. It's the third time in four meetings this year that the Rays have bested the Marlins.

Don't think Beantown fans haven't noticed. The Red Sox message board on the Boston Globe's Web site is full of angst and frustration and cry baby babbling. I highly recommend you give it a scan. It makes for some delicious reading for D-Rays fans:

In 41 years as a loyal fan, I cannot recall such deep frustration. The players cannot execute in the clutch (right now they would not even prevail in the Cape Cod League). The Red Sox will not win a championship again; the institution that is the Red Sox simply never will have the confidence. I have given up. Truly I have. Our three children do not deserve to endure another generation of pain and frustration.
Alan , Edgartown, MA

Choke artists! August came early this year for our wonderful Red Sox. Move the team and then expand in two years with a new park and maybe this city will see a baseball championship.
Peter, Revere

Trade Nomar for something worthwhile while you still can. Dump Lowe to someone who will give value as they are after a pennant run. Bring back Daubach who can hit and at least field better than what you've got. Teach Francona to walk a batter with a man on third and try for the double play.On second thought,fire Francona.
Peter, Wakefield, RI

We need to trade Nomar Garcia-popup. He is bring the team down. He doesn't even look like he gives a damn. We do not need his kind of attitude. I think we need a new Manager also. Tony Franconia is not making very good decisions and he's a wuss. Nomar should have been moved to the 9th position and Pokey Reese moved to 5th. Even better bench Nomar. I was one of Nomar's biggest fan till this year. He makes it so obvious that he doesn't want to be with Boston let him go!!
Susan , Enfield, CT

The only thing more offensive ithan that approach s that the team with MLB's highest ticket prices is barely ahead of Tampa. Bay Come on Theo, wake up. If Tito is the answer, then we have a lot more unanswred questions.
Wait Until Next Year Guy
Mark , Miami, Florida

Please, put the gun to your heads and end it all so WE, the fans, of Red Sox nation, won't suffer anymore!!! I cannot remember ever saying this....Thank God, Football is almost here!!! GO PATS!!!
Paul , Grafton, MA

And those were only the first four postings.

Even Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy is arguing that the team should trade its superstar shortstop:

Trade Nomar. Nomar Garciaparra is one of the best and most popular players in the history of the Red Sox franchise, but it's time for the Sox to make a deal for their star shortstop.

I hate to dance on their premature grave, but it's fun to watch another team percolate in misery for once. Why should it be Tampa's sole domain?

Posted by Jeff at July 3, 2004 08:25 AM

The Rev. Joe hereby forgets about the cursed Red Sox nation and looks ahead to the real competition -- the teams out of the West Division that are competing for the Wild Card. The Red Sox are like an unraveling sock with many holes. Time to look at the wild card race -- and say adios to that pathetic Cubs of the American League East.

Posted by: Rev. Joe Kendall at July 4, 2004 04:20 PM