August 07, 2004



Some things you don't appreciate until they're gone. Rick James is sort of like that. Rick always seemed like the kind of guy you'd want to spend about an hour with in Vegas - but only an hour. Any more than that would be deadly. He was the crazy uncle you prayed would show up at the family reunion and then, when he did show, you'd pray for him to leave. Now that he's pouring pink champagne in heaven, the world feels like a lesser place.

I took the above picture at a bar in College Park, Md., about two months ago. I have no idea who the two are, but it's clear the guy is macking on the girl and using the shirt as a sexual crowbar for the evening. I don't know whether he succeeded, (her body language would indicate otherwise), but maybe it doesn't matter. That a guy who looks like Chris Moltisanti could aim his less than considerable charms at a girl who looks like Ashleigh Banfield and think he has a chance - because, hey, he has the Super Freak is on his shirt - well, I think that says volumes about where we are as a society. Both good and bad, of course.

All of this to say that Rick's passing on Friday inspired some friends and I to pen some super-freaky haiku. This is the best I could come up with.

Temptations sing!

At the pearly gates,
St. Peter tells Rick James he's
"Super freak-ay, yow."

In heaven, Rick James learns
Angelic bitches like to
Party all the time.

In Rick James' heaven
There's incense, wine and candles.
Such a freaky scene!

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Posted by Jeff at August 7, 2004 02:26 PM