August 18, 2004


The Rev. Joe Kendall took a trip out west to visit some friends last week and to rape his lungs while cycling through the most extreme high-altitude air he could find.

Always a fan of the longball, Rev. Joe attended a Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field. And always a fan of mascots, he documented these unique specimens at the game:


It's always a rare treat to see a summit between two mascots. Here, Joe captures a meeting of the minds between the inarticulately named Pirate Parrot from Pittsburgh and The Moose from Seattle.


Mr. Met from the New York Mets was on hand. Apparently it's so bad at Shea Stadium that he has to go to other ballparks for relief.


Although not technically a mascot, Randy "The Hairy 5th Inning Beverage Refiller" Kerswerski is still a fan favorite.

Easy on the Dew there, big fella. You'll be jittery all week.


How can you tell that this is the self-acclaimed "Mr. Earthman?" Why, that handy cellphone carrying case dangling from his chest, of course.

Isn't that the gopher from "Caddyshack" on his head?


Untangled by his commitment to solving world peace with Pirate Parrot, The Moose was later free to exhibit his breed's true talent in the wild: stomping small blond children to death.

Posted by Jeff at August 18, 2004 07:06 AM