August 31, 2004



Alan over at the always impeccable and highly readable Hudsonian passes along the above photo taken during a rain delay at a recent Clearwater Thresher's game. (Click here for a larger version of that photo.)

Funny. They still had more people in the stands than the Devil Rays.

Which reminds me that you might not want to schedule any midnight picnics Saturday night in central Florida. Hurricane Frances might bring a little too much wind for your blanket.

You know what they say about August: It comes in like a lamb and goes out like two catastrophic Category 4 hurricanes.

Funny thing (or not, but definitely one of the two): we were supposed to go away for Labor Day weekend to a condo. In Orlando.

Say goodbye to the deposit on that sucker.

It won't be any better to be at home that day in Valrico, either. Since Category 2-force winds are expected to extend 70 miles out from the eye. Which, of course, puts it on my back porch.

Guess I'll be blogging the hurricane this weekend too...

Posted by Jeff at August 31, 2004 07:30 AM