October 15, 2004


I was combing again through my New Orleans photos and stumbled across some I shot in a cigar store in the French Quarter.


It was a great little store. Nice selection. Comfortable seating. And they had a football game on.

Not just any game. A Florida Gators football game.

In Louisiana. Deep in the heart of LSU country.

Gotta love it.

They had some great signs on the walls, too.


Bought me a nice, smooth Macanudo and smoked it while taking in the sights on Royal Street.


Even cooked me a long ash off that thang.

Speaking of "long ashes" (which, for the uninitiated, is a salutory greeting among cigar smokers), I have to give a shout-out to Cigar Dave, who hosts a radio show each week from Theater 1A in Tampa. Every so often, he'll get a surplus of new smokes in and will dole them out to friends. And a friend of his who's a friend of mine hands me one from Dave every so often.

In fact, the stogie on the right rail of the page was one that he sent along.

So my thanks goes to Dave. Best wishes in your campaign against "The Pleasure Police," my friend.

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