October 17, 2004


It's official: James Gandolfini is comfortable being tagged as Tony Soprano.
Seems he showed up in character on "Saturday Night Live" the other night, during the Weekend Update segment. He was there to deliver a New Jersey resident's reaction to Governor Jim McGreevey coming out of the closet.
Anyway, if you missed it, here's the transcript. And a link to download a video clip.
It was much funnier on the live broadcast than the transcript. Maybe.
Oh, and for safety sake, they had Ben Affleck show up. His goof on Matt Damon was actually less funny:
POEHLER: In a recent interview, Matt Damon criticized Hollywood actors who only take roles in potential blockbusters, because he believes that stardom is irrelevant and that it's important to choose only interesting roles. Here with a response to these statements... a Hollywood actor.
AFFLECK: Listen, bro. We all know who you're talking about. It's not a big secret, ya know. It's been kinda a "mainstream" year for me, okay, stop rubbing it in. I get it. Halfway through watching Paycheck I went to ask the theatre manager for my money back then I remembered I was in it. Alright, I gotcha! And I know you're "not into stardom," but, help me out here. I can't seem to recall which Chekhov play The Bourne Supremacy is based on. And I'm sure they'll be studying Ocean's 12 in the film classes at USC, believe me. Cause Ocean's 11 left so many unanswered questions. Wait til you lose your mind and make two movies in a row with your girlfriend, alright? By the way, Street Cred, how's Clooney's yacht treating ya? Is there a phone on that thing I've been trying to call you for like three weeks about this Project Greenlight mess. Another thing, if the Red Socks lose this year, it's your fault cause you moved to New York, you filthy traitor!
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....ahhhhhhh, Ben. I'm in love with him, even though the hubby thinks he's an a$$clown. Of course, he (hubby) thinks Gates McFadden from STNG is hot, so take it for what it's worth. LOL!

Posted by: Charlotte at October 18, 2004 11:13 AM