November 18, 2004


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Now that Condi Rice seems to be headed down the aisle as our next Big Honkin' U.S. Diplomat O' Love, Bunsen sounds wistful for the day he discovered a few typos after she testified before the 9/11 Commission:
Ms. Rice's testimony has sent copy desks clerks everywhere scrambling to check and double-check the spelling of her name. (One z or two? Three? Two or three e's? Rice like motherf#@!&ing Rice-a-roni? For the love of God, why are there three goddamn z's? ) Here are the top misspellings of her name, pulled directly from various sources:
* Condoleeza Rice
* Condoliza Reiss
* Condoleeso Ricceé
* Condoleezza Riceberg
* Condoleeza Gibbons
* Condorosa Manigault-Stallworth
* Condomania J. Lubricates (spammers only)
* "Three Days of the" Condi Rice (frequently-used Bush nickname, internal White House correspondence only)
* That nice black girl that's gonna lie for us (Dick Cheney e-mail only)
* Donna Rice (Gary Hart staffers only--error led to very embarrassing, short-lived attempt at 2004 presidential campaign and purchase of a new yacht)
* Condolarence Thomas-Rice (Unnamed Supreme Court Justice's legal pad doodlings with little hearts only)
* Nomar Garciaparra
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