December 05, 2004


The 1970s have truly returned.
Not only do we have ugly assed hip-huggers and tube tops to endure for a second go-round, now King Tut is going to take a second lap around the world, just like he did in 1978.
A new tour of of the boy king's treasures will be showcased at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art from December 2005 to April 2006.
This, of course, harkens back for me to the only thing that came out of the '70s that was worth a damn: the song, "King Tut" by Steve Martin.
Martin penned a short article for the New York Times in today's paper about the song. The article ironic and sardonic and everything I remember about him from when I used to listen to his comedy albums over and over in my bedroom as a kid.
One thing I didn't know about the song until I read the article: He wrote the song in his car while driving in less than 15 minutes. (You can see the original clip of the Saturday Night Live skit that inspired the song, by clicking here.)
Then there's this paragraph:
When I got a call from a high-level Egyptian museum official saying that his country was upset that my song "King Tut" was not being played worldwide as much as it should be, and asking me if I would endorse an American tour of the artifacts in order to increase awareness of my song, I humbly agreed. The gentleman said, "If we thought that our exhibit would, in some way, introduce your song to even one more person, then the whole enterprise would be worth it." I am proud to be of service.
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