December 05, 2004


As if my little traffic escapade and a fruitless marathon bartering session with a car dealer weren't enough fun for one week, my son threw some fun variables into the mix.

First, he decided to take a stab at cutting his own hair.

He decided the other night to take his school scissors and cut himself a little shelf at the top of his forehead. Then to enhance it, he cut a part along the side toward the back of his head.
Which of course necessitated me having to get out the clippers and buzz his follicles back to a more uniform peach-fuzz length.
He looks pleased, does he not?
"Two things people should never do for themselves,'' I told him. "Dentistry and haircuts."
Then the next day, he came home from school with his first black eye.
He said he bumped into a kid in the hallway. (I'd hate to see what happened to the kid.) Left a nice inky smudge running from the corner of his eye to his cheek.
Unfortunately, you can't clear up a shiner with hair clippers.
The next day, he was scheduled for his first tae kwan do class.
First question asked by Master Earl Harris: "Where'd you get that black eye?"
Seems he thought we enrolled him because he got his ass kicked.
He immediately got to work learning how to throw blocks and punches and kicks.
Although timid at first, eventually he let out some battle cries that sounded like they came from Bruce Lee.
Master Harris is a very serious instructor. He immediately remind me of Sgt. Emil Foley.
I half expect Brian at some point to reenact this scene.
I can almost hear it now...
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