February 13, 2005


Hey, remember when the Salad Bowl was chock full of new content? It may have been boring and stale, but at leat it was new.
Yeah, well, neither do I.
If it can be said that a craftsman never blames his tools, it can also be said that I have no excuse for my lengthy recent hiatus. Other than boredom, pent-up frustration that I didn't care to share with the readers here and a general apathy for producing all things written that didn't come with a paycheck attached. I can be so fickle that way.
Make no mistake: Interesting things did happen to me offline. Very interesting. Fascinating and mesmerizing, in fact. Some of these events even fell prey to my highly excitable Cannon PowerShot S500 Digital Elph. I just lacked the interest in taking the extra effort to upload, much less share with the general reading public.
I can be a selfish bastard at times.
But I'm all over that now. At least until the next soul-crushing moment depletes my interest in the world's more humorous and decadent peculiarities.
I was snapped back to reality when I got a message from The Rev. Joe Kendall the other day.
"What's w/ the salad?" he inquired.
And then I realized: I have a reader to entertain.
And that reminded me of one of my favorite songs, "Back In The Saddle" by Matraca Berg.
But you're so sweet, baby, you're so fine You bring the barbecue and I'll bring the wine We'll dance all night 'til your belt buckle shines
What does that stream-of-consciousnss mean? Dunno.
I guess I'm officially back in the saddle again.
Standin' up tall.
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