February 14, 2005


...that the people who want to be naked all the time are never the people you want to actually see unclothed?
Police ordered naked cyclists to get their gear back on in central Auckland yesterday, after arresting their leader for alleged indecent exposure.

Even so, motorists were treated to a "21-bum" salute, equating to the number of scantily-clad cyclists who rode in convoy to protest against the world's dependency on oil-fuelled transport.

They all had to wear underpants or briefs after the police intervention, although several female cyclists were allowed to remain topless, with or without body paint.

The expose was part of the World Naked Bike Ride, a growing movement in which cyclists in 15 countries are daubing their flesh with anti-oil slogans to "reclaim the streets for people", Auckland organiser Simon Oosterman said.

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