February 16, 2005


McSweeney's is now offering reviews of new food:

Here's one of my favorites, written by Dong Resin:

Goya Jamaican Style Ginger Beer
Submitted by Dong

Remember when you were 5 and Bambi's mother gets shot offscreen? Right, well, for reasons best known only to themselves, Jamaicans have made a soda out of that, and Mexicans have taken it upon themselves to bottle it. The dominant ingredient in Goya's whimsically named "Jamaican Ginger Beer" is neither ginger nor beer—it's capsicum. Sound familiar? It does if you read the bit between "keep away from children" and "keep away from face" on the side of a canister of pepper spray. No kidding, go check it out if you need to. How it can be legally called "ginger beer" rather than "keep-away-from-face beer" in a country that won't let toys shoot soft plastic missiles is beyond me, but you won't drink this stuff twice unless the agent interrogating you doesn't like your first answer.

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