February 20, 2005


My pick to win the Daytona 500?
It's my pick every year, of course: Tony Stewart.
This guy can drive the wheels off anything he touches. And he's already won a Winston Cup championship.
I'm not exactly an impartial fan. I've interviewed Stewart before, and I've read his book. But I like him because he's got a temper and a loose lip. He's a real throwback to the golden days of NASCAR.
I will confess: I have a Tony Stewart Christmas tree ornament. And it hangs right next to the Dale Earnhardt Christmas tree ornamnt.
I know. It's a sickness. Posted by Jeff at February 20, 2005 10:36 AM

This is the first NASCAR event I've ever watched for more than, like, 30 seconds. I've always been put off by the sport's (if you can call it a sport; I'm uncertain) Confederate flag-waving, good ol' boy, southern redneck-cracker image, not to mention the fact that on paper the idea of a bunch of guys driving around in circles for four hours without ever making a right turn seems excruciatingly dull. But after about 60 laps, I've got to admit it's there's a certain captivating drama to the whole thing, especially if you latch on to and follow the progress of a specific driver.

Still, I'm guessing Victoria Williams feels a little out of place, assuming she stuck around after singing the national anthem.


Posted by: Rommie at February 20, 2005 03:40 PM

Coulda been worse: NASCAR could have caved to the pressure in a bid to make their core fan base happy. But they didn't.

It's no Marian Anderson on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but it'll do.

Fuck'n A.

Posted by: Jeff at February 21, 2005 12:14 AM