March 06, 2005


Hmmm. Seems a movie thespian has decided a Web site is in order so that fans can feel engaged and intimate with this person's career.

Can you figure out who it is?

"For many years as an actor, all the communication that I had with people who saw my movies or watched me on tv, read articles or tabloids was one way: information going out. I've created this site in part to have a forum for issues I'm concerned about, but more importantly to open a dialogue with my fans, my friends, and people who see my work and want to comment on it (good or bad). I have no desire to address preconceptions or misconceptions about me: I've given up on that, I've given up on wanting to correct what is written or said about me in the press. Through this website, I will tell you some things about myself that no one has ever asked me. I will let you know what is upcoming as far as films, and what is and isn't going on. We'll see what happens. I want this site to be fun and interactive so I need you to help me out."

Who's the mystery celeb?

Bruce Willis. [link]
You've been warned. Posted by Jeff at March 6, 2005 10:26 PM

William Shatner immediately came to mind.

Posted by: Tommy at March 7, 2005 11:20 AM
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