April 21, 2005


Everyone needs a goal. And everyone can use a lava lamp. I have one such lamp on my desk at work, in fact.

One day a colleague came strolling by my desk during a particularly bad afternoon for me in late January.

"What's the substance floating around in that lamp?" he asked.

"It's my bile,'' I replied.

He slowly backed away.

But not everyone considers lava lamps to be a metaphor for professional angst.

A young squire in Soap Lake, Wash., appears to be succeeding in his efforts to relocate a giant lava lamp from Times Square to a Target store in his town.

Here's how the Web site spells it out: [Link]

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Seattle has the Space Needle and Soap Lake has the Worlds largest Lava Lamp!

Soap Lake, a once bustling spa town due to its unique mineral lake (presently being studied by NASA and the National Science Foundation) is located in Eastern Washington State, USA and is in need of renewed tourism and re-development.

The concept of the Giant Lava Lamp, conceived by Brent Blake, and assisted by friend John Glassco, is an appropriate theme structure for the community.

Soap Lake has always been a healing and art community, and the lava lamp is soothing, calming, healing and an art icon. The lava name is unique because the region is one of the last areas of earth to have had massive horizontal flows of lava that is today a beautiful geological wonder. After 14,000,000 years, lava has returned to Soap Lake.

"People will come from all over the world to see this structure of AWE," says Blake.

"Think of the interest this structure will have on people. It is an active, mesmerizing, vividly colorful and always changing kinetic structure. What other theme structures in the world possess such features? Visitors will be thrilled to see such a wonder and will be rewarded by its scale, show of light and constantly changing, oozing and flowing goo!"

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