May 20, 2005


Oh. My. Goodness.


If you liked that - and even if you didn't - other photos can be found here.

Other tidbits of Jedi goodness:


* A Chewbacca iPod pouch. Ugh. That just looks nasty. Matched only by the Chewbacca purse, of course. Both look disturbingly gynocological.

*Speaking of the walking carpet, Chewie threw down some Jesus Juice behind the bar during a taping of MTV's Total Request Live from Skywalker Ranch.

* Stormtrooper Elvis. Additonal tragic Star Wars costmes can be found here.

* Make your own Jedi robe. And print out your own Star Wars mask.

* Two turntables and a microphone. And an old TV with clips.

* The lyrics to Gretchen Wilson's song "Redneck Woman," changed a bit for the Jedi crowd.

* Star Wars tattoos.

* A PG-13 Darth and Leia coloring book page.

* Star Wars meets Office Space. Riiiiight.

* Star Wars meets Rocky Horror Picture Show. You know, if they were all dancing to "Hot, Hot, Hot" by Buster Poindexter.

* Star Wars meets Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. You know, if they were all on the Island of Misfit Toys. Oh. My. God.

* A T-shirt for all those geeks who lined up at the wrong theater in Hollywood in anticipation of the movie. And a Lego version of that line.

* Geeks who saw the Sith premiere at Skywalker Ranch having a duel with forks, pretending that they are lightsabers.

* A $70,000 R2-D2 someone made in Italy.

* Resurrected Usenet discussions circa-1983 about Return of the Jedi. My favorite was this little nugget of Star Wars CSI: Based on careful observation and an interview on NPR, we believe that the person in the Darth costume (when Luke removes his helmet just before he dies) is James Earl Jones. Note the
voice and check out the eyes.

* Limited edition Pez dispensers. Ooooooh. I always get goosebumps when "limited edition" is used.

* Star Wars origami. Wait, wasn't that one of the character's names?

* Funniest Defamer post. Ever.

* A group of geeks who found endless enjoyment at the expense of the Star Wars Kid video somehow locate the conscience, ganging up to buy him an iPod. His dignity remains MIA. (To see remixes of his video, click here.)

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