June 20, 2005



Not sure what the source of the material is, but a story on the India Daily site gives descriptions of Saddam Hussein behind bars that is, uh, a little normal:

The soldiers say Saddam was preoccupied with cleanliness, washing up after shaking hands and using diaper wipes to clean his meal trays, his utensils and the table before eating. "He had germophobia or whatever you call it" said Dawson, 25, of Berwick, Pa. The article quotes the GIs on Saddam's eating preferences Raisin Bran Crunch was his breakfast favorite. "No Froot Loops," he told O''Shea. He ate fish and chicken but refused beef at dinner. For a time his favorite food was Cheetos, and when those ran out, Saddam would "get grumpy," the story says. One day the guards substituted Doritos corn chips, and Saddam forgot about Cheetos. "He''d eat a family size bag of Doritos in 10 minutes,"
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