June 21, 2005


Time: 1:30 p.m.
Place: Kingston, N.Y.


Alan: I've stopped off at a visitors center in the Roundout section of Kingston, Mile 94.

We actually stopped off and saw some new friends, a couple we met at dinner Sunday night. They said to come over and check the art work and it was really neat.

The guy we visited was Alan Beaer. His wife's name is Jan Harrison. She's the artist. She's going to e-mail some information about her art.

We took a break to go up to her studio, which is in this incredible loft.

We're still chugging away. You might hear some of the trucks in the background. (roaring sounds of massive rigs whipping by) We're on Route 9W and our next stop is Saugerties, where we'll hook up with a photographer.

It's been a glorious day. It's an incredible, special day.

My mother is going haywire over it. She gave me a call from the road and she was racing to get back to her computer to check out more Side Salad coverage.

She has a new name for your Web site. She calls it the Salad Bar. She knows it's SideSalad.net, but she refers to it as Salad Bar. I think Harriet is a big fan now.

Editor's Note: You can find Jan Harrison's Web site by clicking here.

Born in West Palm Beach, Fla., Harrison's work can be found in the book "Arcana Mundi, Selected Works, 1979-2000," published by Station Hill/Barrytown, Ltd.

The book covers 20 years of the paintings and sculpture. This web site includes color reproductions of Jan Harrison's paintings, sculpture and installations from the book Arcana Mundi.

The daughter of a railroad telegraph dispatcher and a legal secretary, Harrison, 60, has had her paintings, drawings, sculpture and audio artwork included in more than 100 solo and group exhibitions.

Excellent samples of her work are on her site, including:

Dog With No Legs, 1997


Leporata, 1999

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