July 05, 2005


Wonder if I should have bought a generator instead of a dog this week...



Tropical storm heads toward Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS -- Scattered rain fell along the Gulf Coast on Tuesday and officials took precautions as Tropical Storm Cindy headed toward land, while another weather system gained tropical storm strength in the Caribbean and could hit Florida later in the week.

Cindy, which had crossed Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula as a tropical depression, grew to tropical storm strength early Tuesday and had sustained wind of 50 mph by 11 a.m. The second storm became Tropical Storm Dennis as it developed wind of 40 mph. The minimum for a tropical storm is 39 mph.

Dennis was centered about 355 miles south of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and moving west-northwest at about 18 mph.

It was on track to reach Haiti on Wednesday and South Florida on Friday, said hurricane center meteorologist Trisha Wallace. Tropical storm watches were posted for parts of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

July 5 is the earliest date on record for four named storms to have formed in the Atlantic basin, the hurricane center said.

Great. Just marvelous.

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I'm just starting to get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach again -- the same one I had from mid-August through late November last year. I don't know if I can do this again.

Posted by: Rommie at July 5, 2005 06:02 PM
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