July 13, 2005


Brace yourself: There'll be a shortage of red bow ties and white bucks on July 23rd in San Francisco.

They'll be celebrating the third annual Paul Reubens' Day.


What's on the schedule?

The first event is the Paul Reubens’ Procession/ pub crawl (Bring I.D.!). It will begin at 1pm at a location yet to be disclosed (it will be announced 2 weeks before the event). The PRD procession is free, however bringing cash for drinks and transportation (muni, etc) is strongly advised. Pee-wee and/ or Paul Reubens related attire is incredibly necessary.

Sounds good. What else?

Don’t forget your tissues!


The second event will be the Paul Reubens’ Day Pornographic After Party, and will explode between 8 and 11pm at the Center for Sex and Culture (398 11th street at Harrison, ring the buzzer marked 303)

Oh. Tissues. Got it.

The admission to the party will be $10, sliding to $7 for those in Paul/Pee-wee related attire. The party will be a benefit for the Center for Sex and Culture (www.sexandculture.org) and will feature zany live DJs, Miss Yvonne Beauty Contest, Best Costume Contest, Biggest Spooge Monger, Raffle conducted by Surprise Celebrity guest star, Bizzare Burlesque, Pee-wee’s Play Room, Wishes granted by Jambi, Pee-wee Kissing Booth, Word of the Day, Paul Reubens Trivia Contest, Tequila Dance, Spooge Cannon and EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE OF THE OF THE VERY PORNOGRAPHIC FILMS PAUL REUBENS WAS ARRESTED FOR WATCHING ON JULY 26 1991.


You had me at Jambi.

You lost me at the Pee-wee Kissing Booth. Not to mention the spooge cannon.


I think I'll pass.

Posted by Jeff at July 13, 2005 07:37 AM | TrackBack

I was going to ask why that man (?) was carrying a large bottle of Lubriderm.

Now, I see why.



Posted by: Margi at July 15, 2005 01:30 PM

P.S. I did want to tell you that because of you, I now have bookmarked the link to The Center for Sex and Culture. That's a pretty nifty place, even IF the logo wenis has wings AND a tail.

Posted by: Margi at July 15, 2005 01:40 PM
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