July 21, 2005


Been a while since any significant work was done for The King Project. One reason: the Elvis glasses broke.

But they're all better now, and they're ready for action.

Such was the case yesterday when Valerie, a co-worker came by my desk and remarked, "I like your Elton John glasses."

:::A pause while I compose my emotions:::

Okay, better now.

After I explained that they were Elvis glasses, the lightbulb finally went on above Valerie's head. At that point, I explained that her lack of accurate identification meant she'd now be forced to put them on and pose.


I don't know that The King was ever so loaded that he put his shades on over his regular glasses, but I guess it was possible. Nevertheless, Valerie did just that.

But when I asked her to make an Elvis pose or to curl a lip, she replied, "I don't know what Elvis did."

:::A pause while I compose my emotions:::


Apparently, Valerie thought it was called the Jagger Project.

Hmmm... gives me an idea...

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