July 25, 2005


No one on this planet who isn't an interstate trucker or an officer of the law or running from the law or retired Army has driven more for recreational purposes than my friend Jacqueline.

Care to dispute?

Check it out:


I rest, your honor.

She's back at it again, hauling her old, broken-into car to the family spread in Sheridan, Wy., from her Capitol Hill home in Washington D.C.

Armed with her favorite driving songs playlist (A pared-down version at 900 titles from the more than 3,200 at her disposal), and a battalion's amount of technology and Diet Coke, she headed west the other day, forging through bad traffic and Butterburgers. Oh, and she left her laptop power chord at home:

I arrived in Sheridan this evening, after 29.5 hours of driving time and 1,875 miles. In terms of driving, all went splendidly, no foul-ups, no nightmares, no excessive sleepiness. I'm quite proud of myself -- I wasn't sure that at my advanced age I'd have that level of driving stamina left in me. And to be here in Wyoming, even for less than two days, is always soothing to my soul.

The complete breakdown of my gadgeteria, though, is alarming. The lack of a laptop power supply means that I can't recharge my BlackBerry--but as it turns out, that's not that much of an issue, because they still don't have roaming GPRS/data delivery via cell out here. No wire alerts, no e-mails, no web browsing, no nothing! My BlackBerry has been turned into nothing more than a PHONE! At least Mom and Dad have a laptop here--if I were completely without internet access, I'd be going insane.... (I do have one laptop battery still with power, but I'm saving that for the trip home.) Oh, and I figured that two batteries for my camera were enough, and so didn't bother to bring the charger. I thought I had hit on a brilliant maneuver this afternoon when I found that the cigarette lighter adapter for my Roady seemed to work on the camera, so I just left the camera on and took scads of photos. And now--BATTERY EMPTY. BATTERY EMPTY. BATTERY EMPTY.

How do people who AREN'T geeks ever handle all of this?

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