August 28, 2005



The facts as we know them about Hurricane Katrina as of 8 a.m. Sunday:

* Maximum sustained winds: 160 miles per hour
* Category 5 storm
* Strengthening is expected during the next 24 hours
* Hurricane-force winds extend 85 miles from the center of the storm
* Estimated minimal central air pressure is 908 MB
* 1.3 million people sitting in the bulls-eye in New Orleans

I may have been a tad hasty in my remarks. At no time did I mean to infer that Katrina was "a wuss of a storm." I did not intend to suggest that the storm lacked "testicular fortitude" or that it should have been named "Kitty Katrina." It was never a goal to allude to any metaphors that this female-named storm perhaps "had experienced the precipitation equivalent of a weak bladder during Ladies Night at Club X." And I implicitly deny that I ever wrote or spoke the phrase, "Katrina needs to be punked like a weakling in prison."

Those words cannot and should not be attributed to me. Because those kinds of words only anger meteorological behemoths and stir them to wreak great havoc. And we would never, ever want that in our wildest dreams.


God help the people of New Orleans if they get a direct hit. This thing is about to go biblical in scale.

An aside: There was this little bit of fun news I just saw at the National Hurricane Center Web site:


That's not good. Not good at all.

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