August 28, 2005


Last time we heard from my Uncle Pete, (yes, the one who was in the paper posing with a potato he grew that was shaped like a moose), was that he had some uninvited houseguests chomping on the vintage at his homestead on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

While a moose in your front yard might stand out in, say, Florida, that sort of thing is moderately common in Alaska.

There's plenty to do between moose visits.


Like tend to your ornamental cabbage.


And take in a view of Mount Redoubt from across Cook Inlet on a clear day.


Or hang out with your fishing buddy, Larry.


Maybe cure some salmon roe into fish bait if you have a spare hour or so.


Or at least until your uninvited house guest returns.

Apparently he's upset about the cookie jar in the foreground.


What's that saying about fish and house guests... after two days both begin to stink.

As Pete tells it:

About an hour after taking the Mt. Redoubt pix, I looked out our front window and yelled for Cecile. ""LOOK WHO IS OUT HERE!!!!!!"

This is the baby moose that is all alone. Must have got lost from the momma that has been eating Cecile's flower arrangements and lettuce. We are glad... this is the Moose Food Bank!!!!


"Pardon me, but would you have any Grey Poupon?"

Of these next two photos, Pete writes:

Our Baby pulled over the flower pot and it scared her. She took off.


Looks like a solid free lunch to me, fortified with 8 essential vitamins and iron.


A little snack on the porch.

The salmon don't stand a chance.

Fish tales. Big time.

The Last Fuzzy Slipper Frontier.

There's a bar in them thar country.

Flowers are a-bloomin'.

The fog rolls in.

Moose intruder.

On their way home.

Sunsets, salmon and civil ceremonies.

Volcanoes, churches and halibut.

Eagle tree, limb by limb.

A fantasy RV for The Last Frontier.

Heading north to the homestead.

Publicizing moose-shaped tubers.

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