August 29, 2005


I love football. I love my Nissan Titan. I love tailgaiting at football games with my Nissan Titan. And I love cooking and grilling.

It also could be argued that I have an unnatural affection bordering on an erotic obsession for the Costco discount warehouse chain. It's understandable since they let me return whatever I buy there for full price, whether or not I have a receipt and no matter how much time has passed. I've bought and returned four cell phones (and upgraded each time) and more than a half-dozen digital cameras (which I've also upgraded each time).

So with those things plainly stated, this following item e-mailed to me by Costco is like giving heroin to Courtney Love:


Cook's BBQ Kitchen Tailgate/Backyard Ultimate Tailgate & Backyard Cooking System, Fits All Full Size-Size Trucks W/48" Clearance

How much might it be?


Damn, it's good that I'm po'. Especially after I read the specs:

The Complete Cook's BBQ Kitchen is ready for any cookout. Whether in your back yard, at the beach, hunting, fishing or tailgating, you'll be able to grill, chill, clean and store in one easy to use system and make any event more enjoyable.

Each unit comes equipped with a 90,00 BTU BBQ unit, three grill boxes with lids, griddle, mini fridge, microwave, built-in light, circuit breaker protected outlet box, two-tub stainless steel sink with water pump and docking station. And it is so simple to open and close that experienced users can have it set up in under a minute.

Also with your unit you will get a training video and a truck installation kit to make sure that you have years of hassle-free enjoyment from your kitchen.

Cooks BBQ Kitchen includes:
BBQ Unit w/ Equipment
Fridge & Microwave w/Light

Rolling Cabinet

Stainless Steel Sink & Counter

Water Pump

90,000 BTU BBQ Unit: (3) 30,000 BTU burners, cast iron grilling surfaces, vented oven cover, full size griddle, galvanized metal w/powder-coated finish, stainless steel cabinets & counters

Fridge and Microwave w/ Light: 1.9 cu. ft. fridge w/ice cube trays and ice corner, 600-750-watt microwave w/turntable, 17-watt light produces 60-watts of illumination

Docking Station With Storage: Roll or carry, galvanized steel with powder-coated finish, stainless steel runners, heavy-duty neoprene locking casters, 14 cu.ft. interior cabinet space

Stainless Steel Sink and Counter: 2-tub stainless steel sink, plumbing fittings, chrome faucet, drain hardware, built-in stainless steel topped counter, 2-sided cutting board, storage drawer

Includes: Circuit breaker protected outlet box, training video and truck installation kit

Exterior dimensions:
40" W x 47.5" L x 57" H

Weight: 530 lbs.

To quote "Cable Guy": Oh. Billy.

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