September 26, 2005


Day3I.jpg Joe knows how to enjoy a city.

Last time we saw Joe, he was enjoying the architectural highlights of Chicago, as well as a little baseball.

Today, well... his pleasure extends elsewhere.

I'll let him explain:

Friday was a calming day marked by clouds and grayness but Saturday erupted in much merriment, thanks to the Cardinals' clinching of their NL Central Division crown on Cubby turf.

The reverend and pal hung out at Murphy's Bar right outside Wrigley's centerfield bleachers and took in many a sight and friend. Rev. Joe met two sisters, one a Cubs fan and the other a Cardinals fan and they mentioned their father spent his wedding night at a Cubs fan. That's what Rev. Joe calls faith.

The way home also featured some much sharing of glee among the female sect on the famed Red Line, which was more red than usual with the Cardinal fans rejoicing and sharing their spirit.

When viewing these photos, please share a healthy amen and hallelujah.

Amen, Brother Joe. Hallelujah indeed.


Joe's a Cubs fan and a Bud man.


He survived Dubya-Dubya-Two. Will he survive another dismal Cubs season?

It's anybody's guess.


It's nice to see two sisters putting aside their petty differences.

Of course, copious amounts of alcohol, cholesterol and nicotine heal most of those wounds.


When you can't find a hat that says what you want, sometimes you've gotta roll your own.


Oh boy. Someone's wearing her Days Of The Week underpants.


It's true what they say:

Soft 'n' Dry really does help hide when you're nervous inside.


"Did you ladies say you were in need of assistance?

We are the :::slap-slap-slap-slap-COUGH::: THREE AMIGOS!."


Using his special grip, Amigo Montoya attempts to apply the hind lick maneuver.

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