November 09, 2005


SporkTBO.jpg A pet project of mine and Rommie's has finally hit the page. The Golden Spork Awards came out today in the paper, celebrating great achievements in food design.

This story came about one day when Rommie and I were talking about the stuff we noticed that helped you enjoy the food you ate without being obtrusive or invasive. We came up with a list and then set about to research each item.

Then a year or so passed before we actually executed the idea. We kept coming back to it, though, as we accumulated more stuff. Needing a story for the Flavor cover, I finally decided to pull the trigger with the help of Rommie, who jumpstarted things after finding a patent filed by the lady who invented the "pizza table."

Anyway, the story was intended to be a jumping off point for doing other stories later about stuff that he and I never even thought of.

Have something you'd like to nominate? Click here. I can tell you that we're already jonesing to do something on the perferated salt and pepper containers they give you in the drive-thru at fast food restaurants.

StewLogoSmall.jpg While you're at it, drop on over to The Stew. I've reheated some of the Salad's greatest food bits, as well as added several new posts.

Posted by Jeff at November 9, 2005 04:57 AM

I don't have a nomination, but I'm here to request a better invention.

There's a huge need for a decent container or a better type of wrap to cover the dripping burgers and chili dogs that the fast food restaurants give out. We need something to catch all the sauces that go on the sandwiches so that when you're driving, it won't get all over your work clothes.
The existing wraps and styrofoam containers don't cut it.

In downtown Gainesville, there was a drive up hamburger joint a few blocks west of First and Main. They had these burgers that were loaded with some type of special sauce and they would wrap the burger a certain way so that you could eat it without all the juices running down your arms.

I've never come across a sandwich shop that wraps their stuff the same way.
As I type this, I can't remember the name of the burger joint and it's driving me nuts.

Can't someone come up with some type of container that fits in the palm of your hands?

Posted by: Laura at November 10, 2005 08:23 AM
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