November 12, 2005


I work with some interesting people. The photos you see in the Salad should tip you off to that.

One of those is Albert Owens, who works in the building for WFLA NewsChannel 8.


On game day, this is Bert's usual getup:


Even when the Stanley Cup came to work for a visit, Albert couldn't help but spread a little Buc flavor on the cup:


As the Weekly Planet recently wrote about him:

Anyone can be a fan, but it takes a special surge of energy to be "Fan-omenal." Albert Owens, who prefers the name Bucified Bert, is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' "Number One Fan-omenal Fan," a title he bestowed upon himself in honor of his extreme devotion to football and community works.

Owens sees himself as a role model, a man who can inspire kindness and friendship everywhere he goes. He attends every home game in an elaborate get-up of his own devising. The look is part action-figure, part Buc-nut, and he's not afraid to change elements of it if he thinks it will help his team.

This season, Bucified Bert is wearing his traditional pirate ship hat, a molded helmet with a crown that looks like it would be fairly seaworthy on a larger scale. Atop the helmet flies an American flag. The rest of his outfit resembles loungewear, but he soups it up with bold Bucs logos. The ensemble is pulled together with the addition of a wide, red flag emblazoned with another Buccaneers logo. The sunglasses - red and black, of course - are both a functional touch and the key to the superhero look. The shielded eyes lend an air of mystery, forcing you to notice the beaming grin with the shining gold tooth.

"Bucified Bert is the originator," he rhymes. "Not the duplicator! Without my lead, they'd have nothing to heed. The standards are high. I cannot lie. There is no fan as excited as I."

For the record, Bucified stands for Be Understanding Citizens, Identify Friendly Individuals Every Day.

Know it. Love it. Live it.


Anyway, I saw Albert in the elevator on Friday. We exchanged pleasantries about the Bucs and the Lightning (I was wearing my new Bolts jersey. Albert was in his usual Bucs garb).

And then he showed me his latest point of pride and joy:


A Buccaneers flag in his hair.

This isn't exactly new for Albert. In June 2004 during the Lightning's Stanley Cup run, he carved a lightning bolt across the top of his dome.

Albert said this one took 2 hours for a guy to do and cost $55 to have done.

I asked him if he thought it could be done in my hair.

"Absolutely, man,''' he said. "Absolutely."

I told Albert that he should pick up The Bucified Ride. He was all excited until I told him it would set him back 24 large.

Posted by Jeff at November 12, 2005 09:53 AM

He is one of 5 ppl I miss.

Thanks for the update!


Posted by: Kat at November 19, 2005 01:43 AM
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