December 07, 2005



If you don't live in Tampa or if you didn't get to see WFLA NewsChannel 8 the past few weeks, you've missed stories by Bob Hite and Keith Cate done while they were in Afghanistan and Iraq earlier this year. The Tribune has also run a couple of print versions of their stories.

(If you missed them, you can see the stories in a multimedia report on

Anyway, it's pretty clear that they're using the package to groom viewers into seeing Keith as Bob's successor when - or if - he decides to step away from the anchor desk.

The station already made a push earlier this year and late last year to elevate Cate's profile as someone with hard news credentials, especially in tandem with their CrimeTracker reports. They ran a promo commercial that showcased all the stuff he went through while attending the police academy.


Still, it pained me to watch what Keith had to endure all in the name of video journalism.


I have to ask myself: Would I be willing to have Mace sprayed in my eyes for my job?


What about wearing an electric-shock belt that's normally used to transport dangerous prisoners?


I would have to answer in the negative on that one.

Nope. Nada. Not. Gon. Doit.

Gotta give Keith props on jumping off that high dive.


On behalf of viewers, I have to say I wasn't ready to witness Keith's electrically charged "O" face.

Posted by Jeff at December 7, 2005 07:54 AM
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