December 07, 2005



Had lunch yesterday at one of my favorite barbecue spots: Jimbo's Bar-B-Q on Kennedy Boulevard.


I like Jimbo's because the food is consistently good and the atmosphere is low-key. The service also is very quick, but not rushed.


One of the homespun touches: anyone can help themselves to a bowl of dill pickle chips or some marinated peppers perched on the old Coca-Cola freezer.


Customers at midday range from business lunchers to retirees looking for a bite.


This is pretty typical of the decor in the dining room.

We have a soft spot for pig sculptures.


Chopped pork sandwich platter with beans, fries and cole slaw.



We also got a side of hush puppies.

If you looked at this one just right, it resembled a sombrero.

If you looked at it another way...

JimbosBarBQ6.jpg looked like something completely different.

For obvious reasons, Rommie named this the "Chub Puppy."

And given our penchant for food that looks like nasty stuff, we had to bring this puppy back to the office.


Mitch, finder of the Penis Carrot, and Karla, finder of the Ore Ida Penis Fry, were mightily amused, if not downright impressed.


Sensing a growing repulsion to the Chub Puppy, we did our best to clean up our act by shooting a forced-perspective photo that made it look like Rommie was wearing a hush-puppy sombrero.

Our ruse was not convincing.

Posted by Jeff at December 7, 2005 07:57 AM

And I thought it was a ghost! I have been watching too much of Dead Like Me and not having enought sex.

Posted by: Lynne at December 7, 2005 10:36 AM

You should get out more.

Posted by: Addison at December 7, 2005 02:38 PM
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